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المنصة الدولية هي عبارة عن منصة وهمية ، وقد تسبب كسرها في الاحتيال. في 1211 ، مبنى Daqing ، منطقة Futian ، Shenzhen ، تستخدم شركة Huiliyin Software Technology Co. ، Ltd. منصة دولية لتدريب المجندين الجدد. فترة التدريب 3 أيام ، والتقييم مطلوب لمدة شهر واحد قبل التعاون. بهذه الطريقة ، تم تحريف المحاورين. معيار التقييم: 1: بعد تدريب القائم بإجراء المقابلة ، يحتاج إلى دفع وديعة تعهد بنسبة 10٪ للمشاركة في التقييم الحقيقي لحساب 5000 أو 10000 دولار أمريكي. يتم اجتياز التقييم 30٪ من 开设模拟账户 الربح خلال 30 يومًا ، ويتم تقسيم جزء الربح إلى 3/7. إذا زادت الخسارة عن 20٪ يتم خصم مبلغ الوديعة المرهونة. معيار التقييم 2: لفتح حساب تجريبي ، تحتاج إلى دفع رسوم طلب قدرها 666 يوان ، ورسوم التقديم غير قابلة للاسترداد. تستخدم الشركة طريقة التدريب على المقابلات للوافدين الجدد للسماح للقائمين بالمقابلة بالاهتمام بالفوركس وإجراء تقييمات السوق الحقيقية. لفتح حساب 5000 دولار أمريكي ، يجب أن تتعهد بتقديم 500 دولار أمريكي ، أي 4000 يوان صيني. 10 أشخاص = 40000 يوان صيني ، يتم إجراء مقابلات مع 200 شخص شهريًا ، وسيشارك 150 شخصًا على الأقل في التقييم الفعلي ، أي أن 150 شخصًا سيدفعون 4000 يوان ، أي ما مجموعه 600000. من الطبيعي جدًا أن يخسر المبتدئ 100٪ ، ويستخدمون ذلك للغش. ادعى الطرف الآخر أنه سعر صرف ثابت يبلغ 1: 8 أو 开设模拟账户 500 دولار أمريكي أو 4000 يوان صيني ، وأن منصة MT4 المستخدمة كانت مقرصنة ، والتي كانت احتيالية تمامًا.

التالي هو التوصية الأصلية

通达国际平台是虚假平台,代理商有诱导诈骗行为。 深圳市福田区大庆大厦1211,一家名为汇利银软件科技有限公司利用通达国际平台进行招聘新人培训,培训期3天后进入考核,考核1个月通过后才合作,以这种方式对面试者进行诱导欺骗。 考核标准1:面试者经过培训后,参与开户5千或者1万美金的账户进行实盘考核,需要缴纳10%的质押金。30天内盈利30%为考核通过,盈利部分3/7分成,如亏损状态需要20%以上,将扣出质押金。 考核标准2: 开设模拟账户,需要缴纳报名费666元,报名费是不退回的。 公司利用新人面试培训的方式,让面试者对外汇产生兴趣后进行实盘考核,开个5000美金账户就需要质押500美金,即4000人民币。 10个人=4万人民币,一个月面试200人,起码有150个参与实盘考核,也就是150人缴纳4000元,合计60万。 对子一个新手,亏损的比例100%是非常正常的,他们就利用这一点进行诈骗。 对方自称是固定汇率1:8,500美金即4000人民币,所使用的MT4平台是盗版的,完完全全就是诈骗。


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Noor Al Mal for Local and Foreign Financial Brokerage is regulated by Jordan Securities Commission under license 开设模拟账户 no. 18/01533/1/3. It is a subsidiary and service provider of NCM International Investment Company KSCC. NCM specializes 开设模拟账户 in private equity, financial services and development projects in MENA region, head-quartered in Kuwait City.

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Noor Al Mal for Local and Foreign Financial Brokerage is regulated by Jordan Securities Commission under license no. 18/01533/1/3.开设模拟账户

NCM Investment (HQ) is regulated by Capital Markets Authority, Kuwait under license No: AP / 2019 / 0003 & AP / 2017 / 0009 | LEI No. 2 1 3 8 0 0 1 6 3 E L E M N K Q Z I 7 7

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Pound slumps to new lows

The slide in the pound has continued this morning with the currency falling to its lowest level since last August against the US dollar. The fall 开设模拟账户 in sterling has failed to boost the FTSE however, with the benchmark dropping lower by more than 开设模拟账户 开设模拟账户 开设模拟账户 40 points.

More Brexit warning signs do little for sterling

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If 开设模拟账户 the huge drop seen in the pound in the immediate aftermath of the Brexit vote was due to a single seismic shock which caught many traders off guard, the recent weakness is more akin to a death by one thousand cuts, as a near constant news flow of negative stories 开设模拟账户 in the past couple of months has seen the GBPUSD rate fall by more than 10% from 开设模拟账户 it’s April peak - a similar amount to the fall seen the day after the referendum in June 2016. The most recent sign of steps being taken to ensure against a no-deal Brexit has come in the number of lawyers registering in Ireland in an apparent bid to pre-empt any issues regarding future access to the EU. More than 1,600 solicitors have signed up to the Irish Roll of Solicitors since the vote, with the preceding years typically seeing less than 100 register per annum.

Tui and BT drag FTSE lower

Despite a bright start, the FTSE has fallen lower by 开设模拟账户 开设模拟账户 more than 40 points, or half a percent this morning, with Tui and BT the two biggest decliners. Travel company Tui, seems to have suffered from the recent heatwave throughout Europe, with the firm 开设模拟账户 warning investors to remain a little cautious this year due to the hot weather adversely impacting operations. It appears that Britons and North Europeans have shunned their usual holiday trips to Southern Europe 开设模拟账户 due to the warmer weather at home - and quite possibly from a UK perspective also because 开设模拟账户 of the fall in the pound. The stock of Tui has fallen nearly 10% since last night’s close so far this morning. BT is the next worst performer of the blue-chips, falling by 4.5% after the shares have gone ex-dividend. The decline on the day in points terms of 10.85 is almost exactly the same as the 10.55 dividend that will be paid, so this is clearly just a case of the market subtracting the imminent cash outflow from the stock’s market value and therefore shouldn’t really be seen as a negative development.

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Stocks attempt to recover recent declines

There’s been a strong rally in stock markets this morning with the FTSE 100 gaining over 开设模拟账户 开设模拟账户 100 points as investors seek to recover from the recent declines. The benchmark has moved up to its highest level in 3 weeks on the back of this, but is still set to post a large monthly decline. The pound is also in an upbeat mood, gaining across the board as it too seeks to recoup some recent losses.

Worst month for stocks in 6 years

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Even after this morning’s gains global equity markets are left licking their wounds after a brutal month, with the MSCI world equity index still down over 8% for October and on track for its worst month since 2012. Ongoing US-Chinese trade tensions, slowing global growth and rising US interest rates all have contributed to the sell-off and the question going forward now is whether the worst of it is over or if there’s another wave of selling into year-end. The recent stabilisation is a pleasing development at least and with positive seasonality often seen in US stocks following the Midterms this latest rise could yet be more than a dead cat bounce and 开设模拟账户 may well lead to a sustained recovery.

Facebook called to open higher after mixed earnings update

There’s been some volatile after hours trade in Facebook shares following the firm’s latest trading update, with an initial swoon being bought and the stock is now called to open higher by around 3% after being down as much as 5% yesterday evening. The moves are a reflection of what could be described as a mixed earnings release, with earnings per share smashing forecasts but any over optimism was tempered by a smaller than expected rise in daily active users and a small miss in revenues. Taking a step back the results are fairly solid on the whole and while it looks like rapid growth for the tech giant may be becoming a thing of yesteryear, at least the business is consolidating and generating decent profits. The previous update back in July was met with a bloodbath as the stock plunged 20% after hours, and while the stock has been whippy this time out, it is expected to be more sanguine when it opens at 1:30 this afternoon.