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A while ago 如何开始在 OlympTrade 上获利 I asked a question about custom text data formats, instead of using existing tools such as XML, JSON, YAML, etc. Now, in favor of converting our custom format to a relational database and some segments of JSON (in a JSON field), I'm running into the problem of 'data bloat'. By this I mean that there will be a lot of increase in duplication for the JSON (of which there is quite a bit, because much of the system needs to be flexible 如何开始在 OlympTrade 上获利 in different environments). For example, the part of the custom text format:

A lot of these JSON property names are now 如何开始在 OlympTrade 上获利 extra bloat, e.g. more_data , id , description , which are duplicated across millions of JSON entries; we'll more than quadruple our 如何开始在 OlympTrade 上获利 data storage requirements. However, that only ends up being about 100 MB over our previous 25 MB, for a lot more flexibility and sanity. Granted, this is a mobile app, so 75 MB could shock some users once we transition - "why does this app now take up 4x as much space with no additional features?". The custom format keeps things nice 如何开始在 OlympTrade 上获利 and compact, but obviously parsers have to be maintained, and the data can't be queried efficiently on anything other than a few primary fields (which are all manually indexed. by the 如何开始在 OlympTrade 上获利 way).

Edit: To clarify some comments and an answer: the 如何开始在 OlympTrade 上获利 data that I have is highly relational, except for some 'tag'-like information that varies per database row; that is to say, 90% of our custom format can be converted to 如何开始在 OlympTrade 上获利 a relational structure, but the other 10% is the 'tag', which is unstructured and can vary per record. These 'tags' carry 如何开始在 OlympTrade 上获利 如何开始在 OlympTrade 上获利 semantic information that is relevant for users, but would never be queried on. And because it is unstructured, JSON seems like the best fit. I should also note that the tags can be (theoretically) infinitely varying in their structure, though there are still commonalities across tags (for instance id and description are usually common to all). It would not, however, be feasible to 如何开始在 OlympTrade 上获利 如何开始在 OlympTrade 上获利 have an explicitly structured XXXTag join table for each variation of the JSON; I initially thought it would be a 如何开始在 OlympTrade 上获利 good idea, to alleviate the issue in the question that I'm asking right now, but the number of join tables is theoretically infinite, which makes me think JSON is appropriate for the problem. The JSON would only be a single column 如何开始在 OlympTrade 上获利 in a relational table, which is a small portion of the data as a whole. I'm sorry for being so vague with this, but I can't make my question 如何开始在 OlympTrade 上获利 specific enough to identify the actual project that I'm working on.

我们提出了$ 56M系列d:什么是未来的CircleCI客户


虽然CI / CD是我们的核心竞争力,我们知道,我们不能想象每一个可能的交付模型,团队可能希望。我们采取了我们的第一个步骤,以成为一个平台,当我们在2018年推出了少球体,用于配置包管理器在一年多以后,我们对我们的注册表从45+行业合作伙伴超过900个球体。我们将继续把重点放在球体作为我们的平台可扩展性手段,使您可以将所有您喜爱的工具连接到你的CI / CD管道。我们也将继续投资于我们的CLI和API。如果你想看到的是工作的标题,你可以现在我们预览V2 API。

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