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NC PLT Logo has a green tree on the left made with three sweeping brush strokes for the tree top and one brush stroke for the trunk. In the background is a light green outline of the state of North Carolina. Overlaying the state outline are the words Project Learning Tree in black and North Carolina in Green.

Project Learning Tree ® (PLT) is an award winning, multi-disciplinary environmental education program for educators and students in PreK-grade 12. PLT is a program of 学习 HFX 交易需要多长时间? the Sustainable Forestry Initiative. It is one of the most widely used environmental education programs in the United States and abroad, and continues to set the standard for environmental education excellence.

Check out COVID-19 and Virtual Learning Resources! Have additional questions or need assistance? Contact the NC PLT Coordinator.

PLT helps students learn how to think, not what to think, about the environment.

The curriculum materials provide the tools educators need to bring the environment into the classroom and their students into the environment. Though ‘tree’ is in the name, the curriculum looks at natural and built environments and covers topics ranging from forests, wildlife, 学习 HFX 交易需要多长时间? and water, to community planning, waste management and energy.

PLT improves student learning.
Through PLT, students learn environmental content that correlates to national and state standards in science, social studies, language arts, math, and other subjects – and strengthen 学习 HFX 交易需要多长时间? their critical thinking, team building, and problem solving skills.

PLT works for teachers and other educators because:

  • PLT materials are aligned with state and national education standards.
  • PLT is broad based: 学习 HFX 交易需要多长时间? topics cover the total environment and are local, national, and global in scope.
  • PLT provides the one great lesson a week you wish you had time to plan.
  • PLT is adaptable to many contexts: classroom, playground, nature center, home; and many audiences: PreK-12 students, youth groups, 4-H clubs, museum visitors, and community groups.
  • PLT is cross-curricular, making it easy to infuse its environmental lessons into science, language arts, special education, and other classes.
  • PLT workshops are hands-on and engaging.

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Renee Strnad, N.C. Cooperative Extension

Forestry & 学习 HFX 交易需要多长时间? Environmental Resources
NC State Extension, NC State University


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导出的文件格式包括:txt, csv, xls, xlxs





xls 和 xlsx


12-20 1216

05-28 5045

一. 将数据入库 在Linux中将文件进行拆分:split -a 2 -l 1000000 -d test.csv file_ (百万切割csv文件) 将文件复制到本地进行解析 采用策略使用 java.sql.PreparedStatement 批处理数据(启用事务) 批处理数据处理速度极快,单次吞吐量很大,执行效率高,addBatch()将sql装载在一起,一次性送往数据库执行 // 构建连接 private Connection getConnection() throws Exce

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07-30 651

1》场景 项目中需要从数据库中导出100万行数据,以excel形式下载并且只要一张sheet(打开这么大文件有多慢另说,呵呵)。 ps:xlsx最大容纳1048576行 ,csv最大容纳1048576行,xls最大容纳65536行,但是存放相同数据量 文件大小排序:xls>csv>xlsx ;xls是biff8二进制文件,就是个B+树而xlsx是 xmlzip压缩文件.

04-04 1051

跟大家分享一款Excel组件,之所以分享这款,是因为它在处理excel时很方便,我将百万数据导出到excel,耗时仅不用两分钟。poi概述Apache POI是Apache软件基金会开放源码函式库,POI提供API给Java程序Microsoft Office格式档案读功能。poiide:Intellij IDEA类库需求poi:3.17Excel 版本是200.

04-06 1万+

将一批Txt文本数据插入数据库,数据量特别大,单个txt文件都有300多M,数据约200w多条,放在ssd盘上通过Notepad++打开都得加载将近5分钟左右(可能我ssd硬盘比较烂)。 相关资料参考链接: 1.java连接mysql数据库实现单条插入批量插入 2.executeBatch()批量执行Sql语句 一、大概思路 开始我选择用PHP来做,发现不方便,也不直观,后来改用Java写。.

12-19 1381

1》场景 项目中需要从数据库中导出100万行数据,以excel形式下载并且只要一张sheet(打开这么大文件有多慢另说,呵呵)。 ps:xlsx最大容纳1048576行 ,csv最大容纳1048576行,xls最大容纳65536行,但是存放相同数据量 文件大小排序:xls>csv>xlsx ;xls是biff8二进制文件,就是个B+树而xlsx是 xmlzip压缩文件.

12-12 4386

使用java实现大数据写入,用到了XSSFWorkbookSXSSFWorkbook 不多说。直接上图上代码。 import java.io.BufferedOutputStream; import java.io.File; import java.io.FileInputStream; import java.io.FileOutputStream; import java.uti.

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07-17 2万+

package pdata; /* ==================================================================== Licensed to the Apache Software Foundation (ASF) under one or more contributor license agreements. See t

12-03 2731

07-01 39

一面 自我介绍 项目中监控:那个监控指标常见有哪些? 学习 HFX 交易需要多长时间? 学习 HFX 交易需要多长时间? 微服务涉及到技术以及需要注意问题有哪些? 注册中心你了解了哪些? consul 可靠性你了解吗? consul 机制你有没有具体深入过?有没有其他注册中心比过? 项目用 Spring 比较多,有没有了解 Spring 原理?AOP IOC 原理 Spring Boot除了自动配置,相比传统 Spring 有什么其他区别? Spring Cloud 有了解多少? Spring Bean 生命周期 HashMap has

12-19 1万+

今天博主在研究Excel数据导出性能,发现个意外惊喜,给大家分享下。 第一次博主使用是POI ExcelHSSF导出方式: 这种方法是Excel 2003版本常用一种导出方式。 以19.5W数据为例,导出耗时36秒 HSSFWorkbook workBook = new HSSFWorkbook(); 另外需要注意一点Excel 2003一个页签只能放65535行.

02-13 1296

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